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Mini Movie Reel Tin Box Filled with Chocolate Drops

# MMRT-Chocolate 5 day production time$2.75 - $3.05 | Min Qty 250

Enjoy a sweet taste of movie magic! This mini tin features a clever movie reel shaped design and comes filled with jelly beans. A great marketing opportunity for movie theaters, production studios, and box office events. Convenient size allows this product to fit easily into pockets, bags, and purses. Customize with your company name and logo so customers can carry your brand wherever they go. The design possibilities are limitless! Tin is 3"D x 3/4". This Wheel is great for Military Naval Captain Wheel Space Container CARGO Wheel Automobile Tire Wheels Tire Rims. Our gourmet foods are great gifts and can be used for: Movie, TV Industry, mini movie reel tin box, large movie reel tin box, movie producer, film extras, movie crew, film crew, cd storage tin box, cd shipping tin box, CD promo tin box, SAG party favors, AFTRA Party Favors, Entertainment Party Favors, The Oscars Party Favors, movie Reels, movie reel tin box, theater. Please CALL for QUOTE on Our thousands of candy and assorted nuts include; chocolate, Jelly Beans, Red Hots, Mints, peppermint, gumballs, lemon drops, mints, jolly ranchers, skittles, M&M’s, trailmix, red hots, gummy bears, sour balls, Swedish fish, hard candy, chocolate raisins, boston baked beans, malt balls, rainbow twists, sweet tarts, assorted bon bons, money coins, cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, mixed nuts

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